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I received my watch yesterday (monday). It's really nice! Thank for your very kind and personal assistance! Most helpful customer service I've ever met! :). Thank you again.

Laszlo K. - Hungary

I was very happy to find your web site with the 24 hour watches. I have wanted one for quite a while. Thank you for your help.

R. Patrick G., - United Kingdom

Many thanks for shipping the watch. It arrived yesterday and am delighted to have it now on my wrist. The only difficulty, if it can be called that, was opening the very well sealed package.

Loris D. - Fairfax, CA, USA

Just wanted to let you know that the watches were a big hit. I gave them to my Dad and his Twin Brother for their 60th Birthday... My dad has been looking for a 24 hour watch..let me tell you they are not easy to find.... Thanks for all your help and your speedy replies.

Jennifer S. - Ashburn, VA, USA

I just received the two watches this weekend. They're excellent! They will make fantastic gifts... I noticed the unique 24-hour dial watches on your web site. They are indeed like nothing I've ever seen in a watch! Since we use the 24-hour time format at my job, these would be ideal for work....

Nick I. - New York City, NY - USA

I received the two blue & gold 24-hour dial watches. They're spectacular! They will definitely make a statement at my job. Also, if the green & gold model is ever available for individual purchase in the future, please let me know. I won't hesitate to buy a few of those. Those are my signature colors. Thank you, again.

Nick I. - New York City, NY - USA

Thanks a lot. The watch is all ready on my wrist, and I love it. It came Monday Morning 6/23.

John D. - Holbrook, MA, USA

...The 24 Hr watches are COMPLETELY unheard of !! ). I've recommended your site and feel sure that you'll receive a few more orders. Once again thanks.

Gary O. - United Kingdom.

...The 24-hour watch is as novel as it does getting used to. Excellent.

Robert E. - Hammond, IN - USA

I just wanted to write and let you know that the watch arrived today and we're extremely pleased. The watch is very nice and the packaging was terrific. Many thanks

Gale L. - San Luis Obispo, CA - USA

I received my watch yesterday (June 10, 2002). I LOVE IT.

David B. - Riverside, CA - USA

I received my watches on Friday last week. Thank you very much. They really look great! All the best for the new year.

Johan S. - South Africa

Hope you had a happy holidays! The 24-hour watch arrived sometime while I was away for vacation and is in fine shape. Very pretty watch, too! :). So the watch is in hand. Thanks again for all of your is very much appreciated! Take care, and thanks again.

Ben W. - Redmond, WA - USA

I received the new 2039M24-KKC yesterday. ...... I was going to set the watch using National Institute of Standards and was surprised the watch had already been set prior to shipment and was accurate to to second. As mentioned earlier the exchange providing me with the new 2039M24-KKC was more than I expected. AAA Watch Club and the customer service you provided was outstanding. Thanks again for great help in such a timely manner. A Happy Customer!! Best regards,

John W. - Boynton Beach, FL - USA

Hi Tammy, Yeah. This is for Tammy. This is Mr. A. I want to tell you that that watch that I got through you guys...the 24 hour dial thing. I've never had a watch so accurate. That thing is accurate. I mean akrit. It's even better than my Rolex. I just thought I'd give you a call and let you know. Give you some great customer feedback. That is an accurate watch. .... Thank you and talk to you later. Have a nice day. But like I said I'm very satisfied with that watch. Talk to you later.

Harry A. - USN Retired, FL - USA


Watch received and it is much nicer than I expected.....

James C. - Ladera Ranch, CA, USA

I have received the watches to-day 08/08/02. All seem o.k. Thank You for your service & help...........I'm most impressed............If you want a recommendation or anyone in England wants to see the watch [as I did] please get them to contact me...Again many thanks

Dave F. - United Kingdom

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Tammy: I love my new watch. I have been looking for a nice 24 hour watch for close to ten years now. I could get a nice $3,000 to $4,000 Breitling but ... I am now a fan to the AAA Watch club. Will have to check out some of your other products.

Jean L. - Toranto, Ontario - Canada

I just would like to say THANKS for your fast, reliable and really kind service and shipment. I really enjoy my watches bought from you! They look good and have precise timing. Thank you!

Laszlo K. - Hungary

The two watches came just after Xmas - many thanks! They are beautifully made...My in-house tester pronounced them to be excellent, comfortable, and well-designed. Accurate, too, just like a good watch should be, and working well at the bottom of the swimming pool... We took them on our New Year trip to London, where they proved to be very accurate and useful. Thanks once again...

Peter B., - United Kingdom

Watch received...beautiful ...above my expectation ...ready to show it off. Gifted my 24 hour watch to my niece when she became EMT...been looking for another to replace it. Your watches are so much nicer than what I had (so many years ago). Feels good to have such a nice watch on my wrist and brings back great memories..(I'm 67 years old).
Thank you,

Irene V. S. - Cape Coral, FL - USA

Tammy..received my watch today and am very pleased with my purchase..thanks ....

Edward C. - Hampton, VA - USA


Thank you so much for the personal attention yesterday, with my rush order. The watch just arrived and it is fabulous!! I have showed it around our office, and everyone is impressed...Please know that we are very happy with your product, as well as the customer service. Hopefully we will be placing another order soon!!

Lori W., Hoffman Estates, IL - USA

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I was very pleased with my 1st order and have just placed another.

Alexander L. - United Kingdom

I received the LED watch today. It is more beautiful than I ever imagined and it works perfectly. I was showing everyone at work. Thanks!...

David K. - Bunker Hill, IN - USA

Hello There. I've just received my watch and very pleased with it...Thank you. I didnt know that they made these watches anymore the last time I seen one was at school in 1979..then quartz watches came out. I tried on ebay but kept getting outbidded so i put it on Google and that's how I found your website. Once again. Thank you.

Brian B. - United Kingdom

I am in receipt of the watch ordered below and would just like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation at your prompt and efficient dispatch. The packaging was first class and more than adequate for it's journey across the pond. Thank you very much for your service.

David I. - United Kingdom

I have becoming last Week 12 LED/LCD Hybrid Watches. She are very beautifull . Thank you for this... Thank you !!!

Torsten S. - Germany

Thank you for the info, order has been received and I am very pleased. Once again thank you for the prompt service.

Antonio P., Hialeah, FL - USA

First of all Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all at the watch club. I'm writing regarding the order I received from you 2 weeks ago, thank you very much the watch was just what I wanted.....

Stuart A. - United Kingdom

Thanks for your mail. I confirm that I have been supplied with all items ordered. You have done a great job and the watches are superb..... All the best!

Herbert P. - Austria

We have receipt (sic) all the watches this morning, and we are very happy. Thank you

Pascal P. - France

I wish to inform you that your shipment has arrived yesterday and that everything was perfect. The watch is elegant, and the metal case is also well thought and designed.

Agostino A. - Canada

Just replying to your mail to confirm that I have received the watch, and I am very impressed, better than I imagined but just like the ones I remembered, thanks again.

Trevor T. - United Kingdom

Will advice that my order arrived today without any complains. Thank you very much,great service and good deal you offered.

Joerg G. - Germany

Just a note to let you know I recieved my watch yesterday. Very happy with it. Thanks.

Jason M. - United Kingdom

...Today the watches arrived +/- 11.30 local time. I was so happy and thank you so much...I was so surprised !!!!!...

Hans K. - Netherlands

Thanks for your reply. I am more than happy. LED watches are pretty well unheard of in the UK since the late 1970's and my one has generated a lot of looks from people round here....

Gary O. - United Kingdom.

Hi Tammy how are you, I got the watch looks great!!! Thank you very much.

Carlos C. - Hollywood, CA - USA

Just recieved my watch and it is what I hoped it would be.

William C., Lake Charles, LA - USA

Thank you, I received it. Its great.

David N. - Sullivan, WI - USA

Just thought I'd write to say thank you for your prompt service, the watch is excellent and arrived in the post this morning (Thursday 3rd October), much quicker than I'd expected! Thanks again and best wishes.

Carl G. - United Kingdom

Thank you for your prompt reply to my e-mail. I am glad to tell you i received my watch this morning and it is great! Thanks again.

David S. - United Kingdom

Thanks for your patience. It is a nice watch.

Jose Roberto G. - Brazil

AUTHENTIC-LED: Return to Top

Good evening Tammy! THE CRUSADE IS OVER!!! Yes, I got my watch. Thank you. It really looks good, better than on the picture (I was skeptical about it...) Not much can beat true LED watch. I enjoy it for a few hours so far, and already like it. Again thank YOU! and all the best for a Christmas and a New Year!

Eric B. - Canada

Thanks for letting me know, looking forward to receiving the watches. May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and assistance...

Gillian A. - United Kingdom

Hi, just to say thanks, I got it! It's just as good as I hoped!

Lennie F. - United Kingdom


First, let me compliment you on a very nicely designed Web site - it was very easy for me to find what I was looking for.

William D., Westford, MA - USA

I have to say that your standard of service is exceptional...

Andy D. - United Kingdom

Thanks so much for your patience and e-mails. I look foward to doing bussiness with you again soon.

Tim B., Hanford, CA - USA

Many thanks for safe arrival of my watch enjoyed shopping with you again.

George G. - United Kingdom

Just a little mail to say thank you for sending the watches so quickly (and in such good packaging!). They arrived here in Scotland today (Tuesday) and have put a smile on all our faces. I shall recomend your sight to as many people as i can. Once again thanks very much.

Martin M. - Scotland

Watches arrived today in perfect conditions, my expectation were meet, thank you for your friendly and professional service, more watches to order at the beginning of 2003.

Carlos G. - Quebec, Canada

You can not imagine how happy I was there was such a site as this one and that you had LED watches for sale.

Francesco C. - Brazil

Fantastic. I'm impressed...keep me informed of any new styles, but ill check the site regularly, your friend,and satisfied customer...

Peter L., Farmingdale, NY - USA

PACKAGING: Return to Top

Just a little mail to say thank you for sending the watches so quickly (and in such good packaging!)...

Martin M. - Scotland

I am in receipt of the watch ordered below and would just like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation at your prompt and efficient dispatch. The packaging was first class and more than adequate for it's journey across the pond. Thank you very much for your service.

David I. - United Kingdom

Many thanks for shipping the watch...very well sealed package.

Loris D. - Fairfax, CA, USA

... The watch is very nice and the packaging was terrific. Many thanks

Gale L. - San Luis Obispo, CA - USA

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Thank you for double checking the pay conditions - the Internet would be a safer place, if everyone would be so careful.

Eric B. - Germany

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