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About Us - AAA Watch Club

About Us...

The AAA Watch Club is owned and powered by FOTOWATCH.

FOTOWATCH was created in Paris, France in 1990 with one idea -- to offer unique, affordable, quality watches to our customers.

FOTOWATCH USA was created in Chicago, Illinois in 1995 in the same spirit. Our headquarter is located on the magnificent mile in downtown Chicago.

Over the years we've received many calls and e-mails from individuals who loved the uniqueness of the logo watches featured on our corporate custom watch web site fotowatch.com and wished to purchase just one for their own personal use... watches they couldn't find anywhere else no matter how hard they tried.

We listened and we responded with the AAA Watch Club.

Our Doors opened in October 2001 -- Ready to Shop.

We've made sure to include the most requested models: JEWELRY watches, LED Style watches, the 24 HOUR dial watches (Military Time), Dualtime watches and, last but not least, our MECHANICAL watches.

Via our Popular Request feature, our customers have over the years expressed their Ideas and/or Wishes for features they would like to see in our watches... Customer feedback is and has always been valued and appreciated. And...we listen - giving every suggestion the serious consideration that it deserves. Customer feedback results in new and improved models with Exclusive new Series designs created with customer suggestions in mind. It's a pleasure to communicate with our customers and people who have a passion for unique time pieces. Here at the AAA Watch Club, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

The AAA Watch Club Mission

"To Provide Unique Watches At Affordable Prices".

The AAA Watch Club

Exclusive, High Quality Watches are our specialty.

It's what we DO!