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24 Hour Dual Time Watch

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Exciting New Design! -- 24 Hour Watches by Forté
By Popular Request - Watch With 24 Hour Dial and 24-hr Bezel

24 Hour Dual Time Series with 24-Hour Swiss-Movement

Model ZULU-DUO-DT00M with 00 at Top and Solid Stainless Steel Braclet
 * 00 at TOP * 
 · NEW 2023 Model · 
Model ZULU-DUO-DT12L with 12 At Top and Geniune Extra Long Leather Strap
 * 12 at TOP * 
 · NEW 2023 Model · 
Model ZULU-DUO-DT12M with 00 at Top and Solid Stainless Steel Braclet
 * 12 at TOP * 
 · NEW 2023 Model · 
Model ZULU-DUO-DT00L  with 00 At Top and Geniune Extra Long Leather Strap
 * 00 at TOP * 
 · NEW 2023 Model · 
 ** 20 ATM (660 Feet) Water Resistant and Extra long strap/bracelet ** 

New models soon be available to purchase

24 Hour Dual Time Watch

Forté - The quality watch (special Swiss movement and special Twenty-four hour Dial) whose hour hand goes around the dial ONLY once... Every 24 Hours. Also known as Military Time. In the 24-hour watch 23:59 is the final time before midnight, and 00:00 starts the first hour of a new day. A Meeting at 11:15 could never be in the evening...
so start living in the 24 hour world ;-).

4 different models to choose from. Your choice of "12 or 00 at the Top"! Leather or Stainless steel bracelet.

All watches feature Scratch Resistant Sapphier Glass, 20 ATM (660 Feet) Water Resistant, Stainless Steel Case and Screw-down Case Back. These hard to find, exclusive & unique watches are available at VERY reasonable prices.

A distinctive and practical 24 hour display. The Bezel acts as an aditional Timezone in 24 hour Format.

By Popular Request:  2nd Time Zone with an unidirectional Bezel and ZULU Time on the Dial (00 instead of 24).
Extra Long Genuine high quality Leather Strap
and for the Models with solid stainless steel Bracelet we provide extra links (1.5 inch) to fit larger wrists.

Why a 24 Hour Dial Watch ? because... It's Unique and sets you apart from others.
Highly valued -- overseas in Europe and in US Market.

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24 Hour Watch Tidbit: Did you Know?

The 24 Hour Dial first made its appearance in Egypt and Babylon over 4000 years ago in the form of some of the earliest sundials. The dial of the sun dial is equivalent to a twenty-four hour watch face, though most sun dials did not show all 24 of the hour indicators. Europeans were among the first to use 24 hour mechanical devices for telling time, with these "clocks" making their first appearances in the early 1300's. Gradually the 12 hour dial became used for most standard clocks, with the 24 hour dial being reserved for the more technical or complex clocks.* Today, low-priced twenty-four hour dial watches are rare and difficult to find but are now available by popular request here on our site. * Source: 24 Hour Analog Clock History