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ALPHA SX Series: Military Time

Exciting New Design! -- ALPHA SX Series
Military Time Watches with 24-Hour Swiss-Movement Now 20 ATM

Model ALPHA 00SX with 00 at Top
 * 00 at TOP * 
 · NEW 2023 Model · 
Model ALPHA 12SX with 12 at Top and 00 at bottom
 * 12 at TOP * 
 · NEW 2023 Model · 
Model ALPHA 24SX with 24 at Top
 * 24 at TOP * 
 · NEW 2023 Model · 

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Real 24-hour Swiss-Movement: ALPHA SX Series Military Time Watch.

Forté - Exclusive Label. As with our Military Series, these watches include the 3 symbols (Air, Land and Sea) - now as Morse Code on the 24 Hour Dial. Special watch with a 24-hour analog dial has an hour hand that makes one complete revolution, 360°, in a day (24 hours per revolution). Regular watches make 1 rotation around the dial twice a day. With the ALPHA Series we add one more choice to our Military Time: Collector Watches.

Previous ALPHA S2-Series - Models & Features:  BIG (43 mm) Case (15mm Thick), a Screw-Down Crown at the 4 o'clock position that's easy on the wrist, and 10 ATM (330 Feet) Water Resistant. PLUS: 4 mm thick Silicone Strap with Orange Stitching; Super LumiNova Hands and Hour Markers; Domed Mineral Glass (Magnifier), Dial with 2 Shades representing Day and Night.

Your choice of 3 different models - One Alpha-Series Model with   00 at TOP!   Optional "24" or "12" at TOP.
Unique, exclusive and available at VERY reasonable prices. A distinctive and practical 24 hour display.

New & Exciting Safety-Inspired Watch Construction for 2023:
Announcing Forté ALPHA SX Series with BIG changes for Improved Safety:

New Construction
-- Wider 44mm and Thicker 16.5mm watch case construction - structurally modified for withstanding increased
   20 ATM (660 Feet) pressure while remaining intact.
-- Thicker case back (+1 mm) - a required structural modification for achieving 20 ATM (660 Feet) water depth resistance
-- New, thicker, watertight seals at the joints where the crystal, case back, and crown meet the watch case to lock out water.
-- Thicker, harder, anti-reflective Domed Sapphire Crystal Glass (previously less hard, reflective mineral glass).
   With a hardness that ranks 9 out of 10 on the MOHS scale (only diamond is harder), a Sapphire crystal remains intact
   without cracking when descending into deeper waters.

Modified & Improved Dial Layout
-- Special-Mix Brighter Shade of Orange for ALL Numeric Hour Markers for Quick, Easy Viewing
   (Achieved by mixing and Double layering 2 Shades of Luminous Orange Color)
-- All Numeric Hour Markers now Super Luminous for Brighter Glow in dark lighting conditions
-- Every Other Hour Marker now 20% larger!

Upgraded Features
-- 44mm Case Diameter
-- 20 ATM (660 Feet) Water Resistant
-- Thicker Case Back (+1 mm)
-- Upgrade to Super Hard Domed Sapphire Glass
   with Anti-Glare layer (underside)

Our new ALPHA Series Watches are our way to say "Thank you" to all of our customers whose comments and suggestions we took to heart in designing this new and exciting Series. We received so many positive statements about our watches and the way we handle our business from a diversity of professions and industries such as... Military, Navy and Army, Special Ops Agents and S.W.A.T. Members, Veterans, Aviation Industry and Pilots, Police, Security and Law Enforcement, Corrections Facilities, Construction and Finance Sector, from Nurses to Health care Institutions and Individuals who took their time to provide us with very useful information and insight. A Special Thank goes to Peter Boardman from 24hourtime.info for his helpful input.
How to read and convert to military and Civilian Time: Military Time Chart

Why a 24-Hour Dial Watch? because... It's Unique and will be Noticed.
Highly valued -- not only among military personal and veterans.

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