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For your convience we provide you with information of sold out series and models. You can see Pricing, Photos and Detail Image Views, Product Descriptions, Watch Dimensions and Instruction Manuals. When a Series or Collection has been discontinued you still can get information of your purchased watch. Feel free to browse our archives and find information about the watches you are interested in. Download instruction manuals und print out watch pictures with descriptions.

Another reason to discontinue a collection is when watches don't pass our standards. These Watches are no longer available to been sold as 'Brand New'. There were cases of lost and/or damaged timepieces where we could help collectors and individuals to replace their valued item.

We provide not only 'SOLD OUT' Series but additional 'Discontinued Collections' where you still be able to buy a watch no longer featured in our main catalog. As we continuesly improve our collections we move older models to this section. For example the first military series for Men and Ladies have been moved to the Archieves.

Some of these Military Time Watches for Ladies and additional 24 Hour Dial Watches (Unisex)
are still available to purchase on a "first-come, first-served basis".

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