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Specialty Watches By Popular Request

Special Function Watches:

Mechanical wrist watches are little masterpieces ...but with unique Alarm-function... a Collectors Dream. The Dual-time-zone Watch is designed for pleasing the eyes: elegance and timeless design. The Diver Style Watch: but the price... unbeaten. This is our way to make sure you can buy high-quality watches without spending a fortune. Wear our watches and you'll smile :-)

Alarm Mechanical

Mechanical Watches with Alarm
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Dual Time Int.

Dual Time Zone Watches
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Special Function Watches Update:

Luxury Jumbo Watch (XXL size 48.5mm diameter) with 2 Time Zones (2 Movements). LED Style Watches - The Look of Pure LED. Analog Digital Watches with Persistent Beep Alarm - 20 Second Duration.

Alarm Ana-Digi

Analog Digital: Alarm Dual Time
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Automatic Dual Time

Automatic Dual Time Watches
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Luxurious elegance. Designer quality:

Our watches have many of the same features as found in watches 10 times the price: Sapphire Crystal Glass - a standard feature of Cartier. Swarovski faux diamonds known the world over. Real 16K, 18K, 22K or 23K gold plating and much more! Extra Slim Titanium Watches, Jumbo Triple Time Zone and Stainless Steel Chronograph Watches.

Mens Extra Slim

Jewelry Watches for men - Extra Slim
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Jumbo Triple TZ

Jumbo TRIPLE Time Zone Watches
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LED Style The look of Pure LED. Lots of stylish models to choose from. Combines LED and LCD Technology to produce a watch that offers extremely high efficiency and long life!
Automatic No battery needed. Self Winding mocement. The watch is wound by the motion of the wearer's arm rather than through turning the winding stem. A rotor that turns in response to motion winds the watch's mainspring.
Alarm Mechanical Alarm sounds at the time set by the wearer. No battery needed - ever.
Dual Time International Know, at any given moment, the time in 2 different time zones. New York & Paris? Miami & Rio de Janeiro?  Or perhaps Chicago & Mexico City? And for you -- You decide!
Diver Style The perfect Diving Watch at 10 ATM / 330 Feet Water Resistant. It's also self winding. So you won't need a battery!
Thermometer Each watch has an integrated thermometer that measures temperature in both farenheit and celsius.  As an added bonus, the Driver models featured here have a special tire pattern strap and driver theme dial.
Chronograph Designer watches. High Quality Full Stainless Steel Chronograph watches. Professional - 10 ATM Water Resistant. Available here at up to 60% savings over other brand name prices.